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Our qualified team have been servicing Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and surrounding areas since 2012. Offering a high quality of workmanship We are equipped with some of the latest technology in the world. We take pride our industry and strive to have each job carried out with high standard. Our equipment is fully maintained and serviced regularly to assure safe work practice and reliably.

  • Tree Removal

    BTS are highly trained arborists that specialise in removing unwanted trees. With the right insurances and risk management procedures in place there‚Äôs no job that we can’t do. We have a range of different options when it comes to removing a tree & safety on the job site is our number one priority.

    Our qualified climbers will asses and find the safest option for the removal. We also like to look for the most time-efficient way and the best equipment that will result in the job running smoothly and our customers getting the best value.

  • Stump Grinding

    After a tree’s removed you’ll be left with a stump. BTS offer a range of different machines and removal options. First we asses the area where the stump is located to see what may be hidden underground – water mains, electricity, tree roots or any other structure. We then look at what equipment will be needed, taking into consideration the stump’s location and access.

    Most stump grinding, depending on location, takes them 200-400 millimetres below ground level and in some cases more if needed. Exposed roots are also ground & the shavings are turned back into the ground. Then when the job’s complete, the soil can compact and be levelled.

  • Tree Trimming & Dead Wooding

    BTS also offer tree trimming and dead wooding, as in some situations it’s not always necessary to remove an entire tree if it’s only in need of cleaning or balancing. We first discuss with you what the best options are for long term tree health, such as removing dead, hazardous branches to prevent any decay that may enter into the entire tree. Over time, some branches can become overly heavy causing the tree to become unbalanced and in time, fail.

    Other benefits of pruning can be to clear space, letting more sunlight through. This can be for your yard, so that it’s not always damp or causing mould on your house, and to prevent leaves filling up gutters. Pruning to remove shade can also increase sunlight dramatically for solar panels.


Excellent service..highly recommend..polite………..
great tree service..A+

Highly recommended, friendly, prompt and professional….thank you Beau

Beau did a great job of cutting down a lot of unwanted pines planted by the previous owner. Prompt and awesome service, highly recommend!

Beau came and gave a quote the day I called him. Many trees close to my house and power lines but was not a problem for BTS, very professional all mess was cleaned and taken away, would highly recommend

Beau & his crew were great! They were prompt & reliable and I would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks guys

Beau and his men were no fuss quick and reasonable. I would certainly use them again.


Answers to the questions we’re asked most often.

In some cases, other then just removing a tree, pruning can be a better alternative especially if the tree is in good health and just needs some maintenance such as dead wooding, balancing, etc. And it can be more cost efficient. A tree may have decay, be damaged, or its root system may be damaging the foundation of your home. Our BTS team can arrange an onsite inspection and discuss different options when it comes to pruning or removing.

There’s a range of different equipment that we use when it comes to pruning or removing a tree. In some cases if we’re just pruning we may use friction drums and pulleys to safety lower each branch down in a controlled manner. This also protects the tree from rope burns etc.

For cases such as pruning or removing, we may use mobile cranes to safety lift each piece out which results in less debris falling onto the ground. At BTS we believe this is the safer option in most cases.

Other equipment we may use depends on the size of the job, the access, and equipment wee need – excavators & track loaders which helps us carry the heavy material to our wood chipper. Depending on what species of tree we may chop fire wood for the client, take it away in a log truck or mulch all the branches. Mulch can be left onsite for clients if they wish for their garden beds.

After the tree has been removed is is now time to grind the stump. Some customers like to keep their stumps, whether for a garden bed or they to put ornament on. In some cases leaving stumps can result in trip hazards. Or pathogens and fungus can feed on old stumps and then affect other trees in the area. BTS have a range of different sized stump grinders to suit tight access and small to large stumps.

We prefer our clients to be home when BTS are working, for their peace of mind. The only thing that we ask is, that if the clients would like to watch they should stand well back from the work area to avoid any hazards. The work site can be noisy, as chainsaws and woodchoppers may be operating. And in some cases animals may get a bit upset if there’s a lot of noise and an unwanted guest in their backyard.

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