Tanilba Bay Land Clearing


Well it’s been another big week for the BTS team. We have spent most of our time up at Tanilba Bay, contracting to Downer Group undergoing some land clearing for their upcoming project.

While in the process we were lucky enough to be able to give about 8 truck loads of hollow logs, branches and leaves to Oakvale farm for their native animals. Days before any work had started we also set out and put 70 gps bird and ground boxes/hollows just outside and around the work area in surrounding trees so that if any native wild life was disturbed that we could help relocate them.

And I can now say that the only thing we came across was a massive Goanna that decided to run through our job site lol. Also a big thank you to Rob from Earthworx Solutions for doing all the heavy lifting and helping our work run as smoothly as it did.

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